These are a couple of things I'm working on, and excited about:


GODDESS OF MERCY                                                                                                        (2M, 3W, 2 hours)            

In a fast-gentrifying corner of New York, Kate, Claire and Mike are locked in a battle over sex and real estate.  When Mike's hippie sister flies in from half a world away, and discovers Mike's ties to a global oil scandal, they soon realize a leaky penthouse is the least of their problems.  A (very) dark comedy about personal, corporate, and social responsibility.

END-OF-SHIFT                                                                                                                 (3M, 2W, 100 min)            

It’s the end of a long day washing dishes at the Spurwink Country Kitchen, and friends-for-life Jesse, Ben, and Max are on a mission to create a fitting memorial to their fallen hometown hero.  But when the prettiest girl in town shows up on their doorstep, everything the boys know about love, life and loyalty gets called into question.

SCIENTIFIC METHOD                                                                                             (2M, 4W, 2 hours)                

Amy's on the cutting edge of cancer research...and on the edge of a nervous breakdown.  A serio-comedy about sex, science, and survival of the fittest.

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