Past and Present Collaborators and dear friends.  Check out their work!

Erica Saleh, playwright, comrade-in-arms, and bff.  She and her plays are both awesome...learn more about her at the link above.

Mikhael Tara Garver, director -- I've written for two of her big projects, Fornicated and her current Office project with Woodshed Collective.

Mark Scheibmeir, actor -- a favorite collaborator, I'd cast him in anything.

Micah Bucey -- preacher, teacher, performer, Pied Piper, arts curator at Judson Church, and one half of The Gay Agenda.

Soham Mehta -- Film collaborator, friend, skilled director.  We worked together on his short, Fatakra, and have been eyes for each other on other projects ever since.

Marc Maurino -- screenwriter, director, buddy and role model, Marc's a humble guru, a cheerleader, and one of the most insatiably curious people I've ever met.  Pretty sure he doesn't ever sleep.

Elisabeth Jamison -- Actor, Casting Director, Producer, Writer, she knows *everyone* and gets it done.

Geoff Marslett -- Austin-based film director, with whom I've been working on an indie script and in whose feature, Loves Her Gun, I appear (LHG premiered at the 2013 SXSW Film Fest).  If you haven't seen LHG or his feature Mars, check 'em out!

ScriptWorks -- incredible Austin-based organization that supports playwrights.  They've partially funded a couple of my projects...and I've served on the selection committee for their grants on several occasions.

Shrewd Productions, Austin.  A company of smart, committed Austin actors who produced the first version of Dragon Play to hit a stage, and who I hope to be working with for a long time to come.

Ars Nova NYC -- a new work incubator in Hell's Kitchen, and the first place that gave me an artistic roof over my head in New York.  Good people.

The Gift Theatre -- a scrappy storefront Chicago theatre ensemble.  I met them when I was still in college, doing the School at Steppenwolf, and have been with them for over a decade.