THE DRAGON PLAY                                                                                              (2M, 2W, 1B, 90 min)

play about a love triangle...and a scaly, fire-breathing metaphor about relationships in the real world.

Non-AEA Production: 2012, Shrewds, Austin/Festival Production: 2013, Articulate Theatre, NYC

SCIENTIFIC METHOD                                                                                                 (2M, 4W, 2 hours)

A serio-comedy about scientific (and self) discovery on the cutting edge of science.      

THE PSYCHE PROJECT                                                               (Flexible cast, min 3M, 5W, 70 min)

Created in collaboration with the Psyche ensemble, The Psyche Project tells the myth of Eros and Psyche...with a decidedly modern spin.                                                    

Workshop: 2009, Cohen NWF, UT/ Showcase Production: 2010, Secondhand Theatre, Austin