GODDESS OF MERCY - 2014 O'Neill Finalist!

by Jenny Davis

I'm so thrilled and honored that Goddess of Mercy was named a finalist for this year's O'Neill conference.  According to Wendy Goldberg and Ann G. Morgan, it was one of 37 finalists, in a field of over 1,200 scripts (hey, yo,  tougher odds than admission at Harvard!).  They'll be announcing all of the finalists on their website soon -- I'm excited to track down and read the work of the other finalists!  This year's Conference attendees are a terrific bunch -- Mike Lew, who is as lovely as he is talented, Sam Hunter, who will be attending the O'Neill for the third time and is as thoughtful a playwright as you're likely to find, the terrific Tanya Barfield…and a couple of playwrights whose work I don't know!  I'm hoping to get down to the conference, newborn baby in arms, to check out some of the work.