Lovely Article on the Playwrights' Center's GODDESS OF MERCY Reading

by Jenny Davis

They call it a review…but it's more of an article on the (amazing) reading series at The Playwrights' Center, with a focus on the Ruth Easton reading of Goddess of Mercy.


My review: what a wonderful week!  The Playwrights' Center feels like a true artistic home; the people are wonderful, the process terrific.  I can't say enough about the folks who made it a great week -- the actors, certainly, but also Jeremy Cohen, Hayley Finn, Wendy Weckwerth, Jerry Genocchio, and Hattie Andres.  Thanks to all of them, I made some important changes to the play that I think make it much stronger.  There is, of course, more to do -- but the Easton workshop was an important step forward in the life of this script.